Курсы русского языка (деловой стиль)

Department of Educational Programmes (DEP) offers


This course includes 36 lessons aimed at learning the Russian language used in business management.  The subject matter is taken from different areas of business and is not overly specialised. The main attention is paid to the study of the business language in general.

Course content

  • Business style of speech    
  • Oral business communication
  • Features of business writing
  • Specific problems of business interaction from linguistic and socio-cultural points of view


Training is divided into blocks containing:

Vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, speaking, as well as many dialogues and role-playing games to improve speaking skills on professional topics. The preparation of the documents (reports, contracts, business letters, etc.) in accordance with certain rules is also under consideration.

Course duration

72 academic hours

Intensity of training

6 academic hours/week

1 academic hour - 45 min

Course fee per person - 67 680 RUB

More advantages:

  • We ask you to take a test before class to assess the level of your language skills
  • DEP can design a customized programme for your organisation or group on request
  • DEP provides trainees with learning materials and grammar reference books

To find out more information, contact:

Assistant of DEP Evgeniy Bazarov, e-mail: eubaz@yandex.ru